Wednesday, April 3, 2013

hello again...

hello dear friends..
as with most of us... there is so much to keep up with that it is hard to devote time to all of the options that surround us.

we have been busy renovating the store which feels so refreshing, working on many projects (one of them pictured) such a blessing to work with amazing people.. 

and of course,  sucked into pinterest and instagram... i would love to know where you all are... and reconnect... so feel free to leave a comment and i will love following your adventures ... i have found many of you... hoping to locate more. 

you can follow red ticking on instagram and pinterest...

i hope this finds you all well, happy and loving life.


Angela Steyn said...

Ah yes, the pull of life! I've recently begun blogging again after a long hiatus. Its so lovely to be back in a creative zone and sharing ideas with like-minded souls. I missed it terribly. Please pop on over to Soul Studio for a peek if you have time.


prince snow farm said...

Just followed on instagram, as I have been sucked in as well!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

So lovely to hear from you and I know exactly what you mean!!! The craziness of life! Can' wait to see the renovations ... can you post some pictures? I have just had a blog renovation which I am thrilled about. I am also trying to get in on the pinterest and instagram thing ... i will try and find you and follow you asap!
have a lovely Sunday and best wishes always

Vintage Home said...

TaDa!...nice to see you pop up!
Glad you are well...sounds like you are busy!
Looking forward to getting to your store ..SooN..and the new look!

koralee said...

Hi sweet friend...I have missed you...must pop into your newly renovated shop soon.. xo

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Gonna go follow you on Instagram and I look forward to seeing how you've changed the shop the next time I come to Seattle! I took a peek at your last post and the picture of your Libby ...... so cute! We miss our 11 year old dog who passed back in January but decided to get a puppy recently... we knew what we were in for but at times you give your head a shake and wish that we still had our old faithful boy back. I'm sure this little puppy will grow up one day but that is what I'm up to these days ... taking care of a pup!

Anonymous said...

I’ve noticed a widespread decline in blogging on dedicated platforms such as WordPress and Blogger recently, and it seems most of that energy has been focused on sites like pinterest and instagram, where you are more likely to get some sort of instant reaction in the form of comments and likes.

My blogging days are coming to an end so maybe I'll look into instagram, but in the mean time I'll still drop by this place in case of any updates.

Enjoy your weekend my friend.


Splendid Market said...

Hello Dear Pam! I am getting the hang of Instagram, I am Splendid7. So many things to do, I feel I am constantly in catch-up mode and have been slow to post as well. Can't wait to see the reno results. xo ebh

24 Corners said...

Hi Pam...I've been wobbling between blogworld and instantly sucked in, trying to get back into blogging more but 'life' keeps happening.
Would love to see what's up at the Ticking...I"m sure it's absolutely wonderful.
xoxo J~

Unknown said...

I admire this place, so beautiful and calm and similarly your blog full of pretty things for inspiration.

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Francine Gardner said...

This house is a dream! I took a break from blogging as well, a short one while in Africa. Good luck with the renovation... I just found out that still under 3 months of scaffolding, 58th will be closed for 3 years starting in July...I may just returned indefinitely to Africa:)

Prens said...

love your pepe

Anonymous said...

Wow, great job! I’m glad that you finally found the time to reconnect with the rest of the bloggers. We missed you! And my, that photo you just posted is quite interesting. I wonder where that is? Anyway, I ‘m very glad that you’ve finally went out from your niche.

from January at Professional Doctorate

A Perfect Gray said...

pam, we sure do miss you around blog-land. hope your sweet self is well and enjoying every day. I guess you have completed your sister's project and are on to other things. and what about that Mr. Brock Street? how's he doin'? and is hillside coming along as well? sure do miss you guys...but I know how "real life" gets in the way! ha!

missing you and thinking of you. donna

The Quaint Sanctuary said...

I love your Pictures!

Jennifer said...

I grumble because I get sucked into Pinterest and Instagram...then I link over to meet wonderful new people, like you! Looking forward to exploring your shop!!

Unknown said...

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Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Pfff c'est magnifique... ça laisse rêveur, vous en avez de la chance !
Superbe blog, d'une beauté à couper le souffle, ce n'est pas grave de ne pas partager la même langue !
A bientôt !
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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh your store is fabulous! Anita

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Wild Oak Designs said...

Love the picture of ticking...
I am a quilter and rather addicted to fabrics....

kocaeli nakliyat said...
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