Wednesday, June 30, 2010

an early start...

i love the 4th of july holiday... everyone loves it.
a time to gather, celebrate our freedom, relax and enjoy our lives...
well we are off to the beach to be with our sweet friends and i am wishing all of you
a delightful weekend...
rest well and be glad we live in the land of the free... xx

image unknown

french shutters.

there is a great blog flights of whimsy who posted this image awhile ago. i love it as we have the most incredible shutters at red ticking seen on that would be great used in this way...
this is such a fabulous room... love the orange chairs... paired with gray... and the shutters... wow.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 days and counting...

i am giddy with delight... 2 days until my toes hit the sand... what are your plans for the 4th?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

i love this.

this amazing piece has a long history... and the color and patina show it well.
the sea chest will be on this week.... not only is it lovely...
it is completely functional as well.

image by john granen

wish i were here...

eating this right now..

"turkey terrific"
fresh roasted turkey, hot homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce on a portuguese roll... thanksgiving in your mouth... in the middle of summer!
pack them up, take them to the beach and you will have the best picnic ever...
or, if you can't wait (which i usually my case) eat it as soon as you pay for it!

at provisions... on nantucket...
try one... you will never be the same.

happy sunday everyone... xx

Friday, June 25, 2010

what if?

life would be so good...
but really..
i am ok with being... me..

happy weekend everyone...xx

image unknown

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what's your style in one picture

my pal ally over at the from the right bank has a wonderful challenge that she runs from time to time
i pondered it... could not come up with anything, finally did and thought ... well i am late to the party as usual... but i will add my 2 cents ... better late than never....

this image is really lovely... i found it over at the brilliant blog simply seductive...

it is such a cheery, sun filled room with cozy soft white cushions...
the painted white floors...
crystal chandeliers.. (not too fussy)
a touch of a well worn vintage leather chair...
well loved candles... life is good.

i think we should keep ally's fabulous challenge going... anyone else?

image courtesy of simply seductive

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a twist on the dining table...

i have alot of requests for dining tables. modern, traditional and then... the pure vintage.

i have been asked for anything but the obvious... and here is an example of what is HOT right now.. extra long, reclaimed wood... perfect for big family dinners, parties and with the 4th of july coming up... i can see it loaded with goodies for an outdoor family outing..

the french have certainly put it to good use.. so can we!
if you would like to see more go to

images by john granen

hope you are all having a great week... xx

Sunday, June 20, 2010


shannon fricke has an amazing blog. one of my favorites...
she introduced me to richard foulser.

i dream of summer. we in seattle crave summer. please... let summer arrive...
until then i will revel in this incredible happiness.

happy summer everyone... i am going to make myself a hot cocoa...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

my dad.

i am so blessed. i have the most wonderful father.
he has always been there for me.
he guides me.. protects me... loves me.. unconditionally.

he has always led our family (along with our amazing mother) in a way that is pleasing to God. we are not the perfect family, i don't know one that is... but we have a true loving bond that cannot be shaken.

when i was growing up... i thought everyone had a family like mine. as i am older, i know we are truly an exception...

and dad, i wish i could send you on a golf trip scotland as my gift to you... (maybe next year)
so this gorgeous shot of the course will have to do for now!

xo me

the perfect office

i am working on a fun design project and one room of focus is my client's office.
this is truly the inspiration i need... wow. (only addition would be a cozy rug)
can you imagine?

image francois halard

Friday, June 18, 2010

my hero

my pal tracy over at comfort and luxury did a fabulous post about good eats along the east coast... if you love lobsters and seafood as much as i do.. you will want to check it out...
and a HUGE thank you tracy...i am booking my flight tomorrow!

happy weekend everyone... 2 big shipments into red ticking this weekend... come and get it!

image coutesy of comfort and luxury


yes, i admit to watching nyc housewives (although i almost threw in the towel this season) and my new new favorite is bethanny gets married. i know i know... mindless tv... but after a long week there is something soothing about knowing someone's life is more complicated than mine.

happy friday everyone... xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

thru the the end of the drive...

lives this happy house... and i must admit, i found it on one of your fabulous blogs... please tell me which one and i will happily link and credit. i just cant get it out of my mind...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

date night..

i asked a random question to a great group of friends... it was a question posed to me the other day by another friend...

"where do you go on date night?
what are some of your favorite restaurants?"

i gave her my scoop and she was thrilled to have a new fun experience to try.
i thought it over the last couple of days and decided to take it further with more friends...

the response was overwhelmingly fun... so many great suggestions ... it was a hoot...

i was in a pinch because my boyfriend and i have a standing wednesday night date. tonight was my night to figure it out so i asked my friends for a few suggestions.

we both look forward to it and try to change things up but we do fall into a pattern... we love what we love...

but tonight we tried a restaurant we have not been to in ages.

we had a delightful meal and amazing service.
if you are planning on a visit to seattle, book ahead of time and ask for a window seat.
the charming atmosphere and watching ferry boats come and go is one of my favorite things...watching the sunset with my man... life doesn't get much better than this...

thanks jeannie... you win!
(and all of the other wonderful suggestions are in the hopper for weeks to come!)

what is your favorite date night?

Monday, June 14, 2010

true love

as i gaze around my garden every morning, each specimen provides me happiness in different ways.
i adore their color and fragrance... they are like watching children grow...
each day they perform in their own ways twisting and turning thru a trellis or garden wall with blooms bursting in full aroma.

this is definitely one of my favorites... good ol' constance spry..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

one day...

the gate to the country house...
dreams are what this world is made of....

image borrowed from my pal over at holly goes lightly


as i wind down from a wonderful weekend of sunshine and fun... i come to this amazing photo and i immediately feel restful. the simplicity and peacefulness are amazing.
here is hoping all of you had a truly special weekend..xx

image paul massey

Saturday, June 12, 2010

nite nite

as i may have mentioned a time or two... i love my bed. i do not know anyone who doesn't.
i love it more than ever now that i have the best sheets in the world.
this is not a sales pitch, this is the truth. matteo bedding is addictive... ask anyone who has it.
and now, i am collecting it as i do chairs, textiles, mirrors, paintings and cafe au lait bols.

take a look for your yourself... i have a complete selection of the collection exclusively in seattle at red ticking.
custom orders are available to create your perfect environment.

i would love for everyone to experience it as i have. with that, i am offering 20% off all matteo for the next month. come in and get "addicted".

tablecloths and napkins also available... perfect for summertime entertaining.

all images matteo

if anyone needs me...

i will be here...
happy saturday... xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

phone a friend...

this is probably one of the most loved living rooms in the world...
i know we have talked about it till we are blue in the face.
i am in real need of finding this rug.. can someone please help me?

happy friday everyone... xx
don't we wish we were all headed here for the weekend?

treasure chest in paris

oooohhh when i saw this the other day i just about fainted...
ralph lauren does it again!

i think i am going to get a flight to paris soon and go for lunch and then shop until i drop..
anyone care to join me?

image ralph lauren
elle decoration

my friend over at style chronicle shows you a wonderful picture

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


when i was a little girl... one of my favorite board games was candyland. i think my parents saved it. the cards are bent, the pieces i am sure went missing... but the memories will last a lifetime.

now... as an adult, this is candyland to me.
but of course as most of you know, i am red ticking girl at heart.

the one that got away...

i was looking for champagne baskets for a client and this one came along... it was $$$
so we passed... she then thought about it, decided to purchase ... and it was gone.
isn't is a beauty? lovingly filled to the brim with firewood in a fabulous cabin by the water?

another one bites the dust. so sad.

have a great wednesday everyone..xx

Monday, June 7, 2010

wicker wonderland...

oh yeah... everyone's singin john mayer about now...

red ticking is ready to receive a fabulous summer collection of vintage goodies
and here is a little tidbit for you to sink your teeth into..
k baby, this one's for you darlin!

photo by john granen

Sunday, June 6, 2010

one of my many passions...

when summertime arrives, i get butterflies...
i know that i can wear my flip flops, see the sunshine, (i live in seattle)
travel on fun jaunts to some of my favorite places... and this is one of them...
ralph lauren's east hampton RRL store... it is completely fabulous.

in the middle of pristine shopping (his other stores here are equally as wonderful)
there is something about this one that makes me weak at the knees... but may i ask ...
"mr lauren, can you please add more for women? i cannot continue buying mens vintage!"
it is truly a treasure chest....
after this... i am off to find a lobster roll!

all images ralph lauren

Saturday, June 5, 2010


we have gorgeous day in seattle today... people out and about... happy again...
i thought we were all going to hop on the next bus, plane or boat to get the heck outta here...

thank you God... we really needed this ...
have a great day everyone... xo

Thursday, June 3, 2010

true blue.

when you lose someone you love, you are drawn to others you love for comfort.

i love my family.. old sweet friends... and thank you to all of you (my dear new friends)
for your amazing comments and emails... this has meant so much to me this week....

one of my true blues is my pal at brockstreet. he does my heart so good.
he is one of the most wonderful souls i have ever met. ever.

he just had a giveaway and i won this amazing bol. these are from france and they are my favorite things to collect...
(i wonder if b-mo peeked)

i will treasure his friendship and this bol... always.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sad loss.

after my last few posts, being solemn... i had no intention of posting another.
but i would like to remember a very dear friend who passed away tragically this weekend.
tracey was beautiful inside and out, she had a smile that would light up an entire room.
she had the most wonderful personality...we would laugh for hours...
we love you dearly sweet tracey.
rest in peace.