Wednesday, March 31, 2010


this made me laugh and i just had to post it..
to me, easter is such a meaningful time but when you see something "commercial" like this...
you just have to pass it on...
laughter ... we all need it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


let me please introduce you to my dear friend valerie paradiz phd.

she is one of the most incredible women i have ever met. we have been dear friends since we were little girls.

she has always been immensely talented in every way but i see her most valued talent (gift) is her complete generosity.

her sweet son elijah was born... with autism. this turned her world upside down....and directed her life long path into one of the most astonishing careers anyone could ask for.

her struggles and completely courageous efforts to raise him alone are beyond what most of us can imagine.

she is one of the very best mother's i know. she has helped elijah grow into the amazing man he is today...

she has written a wonderful book ..."elijah's cup". it is a brilliant read.

this month is autism awareness month... val is currently on a 7 week international city speaking tour... to read so much more about her and elijah go here

bravo val. you are a true blue.


the garden and grass and growing so fast and i just cannot wait until i can finally see all of these beauties... have a wonderful day everyone...

image bountiful

Sunday, March 28, 2010

springtime at red ticking...

i love this time of year.. we will be reworking the store, giving it a good spring cleaning and setting it for the new season.
here are a few delightful pieces that will be coming in... and there is alot more where this came from!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

one year and a month...

time flies... i cannot believe it has been a year since i began blogging. feb 2009. i remember people telling me to start a blog and i thought... what? how? who has time? .....

well this is a HUGE thank you to my dear friends who encouraged me to make it happen.
i would have missed learning so much this past year.... from all of your amazing talents.. and the friendships long lasting... i wish i could meet all of you in person.

and like my grams always said... "never slip up on an opportunity"... she is still part of me everyday and i miss her so much...
bless her heart... she guides me along from heaven.

image red ticking
photographed by john granen

Friday, March 26, 2010


venice california has such a cool vibe...
everyone is out and about... dressed casual but so chic...
we had the most wonderful coffee, homemade pastries and met with the most wonderful people..
one of which is sue balmforth.... the owner of bountiful home.
sue is one in a million.
she is one of the most talented women i have ever known and her mind never stops.
she creates incredible interiors for celebrities everywhere...
her store is always a breathe of fresh aire...
we sat with her in her charming bungalow and talked for hours... it was a magical time..
thank you sue... you are amazing...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

thank beat...

when you meet jann, she is full of life, so kind and very accomplished.
madison valley is a wonderful neighborhood and she is so sweet to highlight us in her new blog...

to read more go here:

photo by john granen

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

so charming...

the stove, the green cabinet... and ohhhh that table... so simple and so perfect.

image unknown

sunny and warm

inspiration flowing over at ragland hill social... you just need to see it for yourself... gwen is amazing and her series of sunshine posts will make any day brighter... and did i mention inspiration? that 3rd photo is all i need to get out of bed and go to pilates this morning!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bravo joan!!!!

during our time in california, we spent alot of time at joan's on third
we ate breakfast and lunch many times with friends...
sat at the vintage pine communal table and felt right at home...
it is one of the most wonderful places in the world...

joan is a very dear friend and the most gracious hostess...
we sampled just about everything in her amazing marketplace...
we were simply spoiled rotten.
i think i gained 5 pounds ... oh well, every bite was well worth it.

and a HUGE congratulations to joan and her crew... they made the cover of bon appetit magazine february 2010 ... the most fabulous sandwich... grilled cheese and short rib sandwich. go here to read more

special note there is a big celebrity in one of these photos... whoever names them first wins a prize!
my amateur photos + last image bon appetit

Monday, March 22, 2010

this one is for my mommie

i just found this and it made me smile... so i wanted to share it with you... to make you smile... xx

lilies and love...

image martha stewart


i have always loved this man... yes, a little foodie crush.

i have watched him for years on food network and have his cook books.
i admire how real and true to himself he is.
also his simple, yet organic healthy way of cooking.

his series "food revolution" premiered last night. fantastic...
read more about it here

i think i am falling all over again....

the series begins friday evening... dont miss it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

book launch!

we were part of an extraordinary evening introducing....

rosanna bowles first book "coming home". it is fabulous seasonal guide to creating family traditions. she is a lovely friend and brilliant lifestyle/tabletop designer who began her business from very little to creating an empire.

i had the pleasure of meeting rosanna thru my wonderful friend john granen. as most of you know by now, john is a brilliant photographer and has worked with the best in the business. he worked with rosanna for years and photographed her entire book.

their collaboration is amazing and the book is magnificent. i will have it for sale very soon and we are scheduling a book signing at the store. i will have more details on this shortly.

until then, love your families... that is what life is all about.

you can discover more about rosanna and purchase her book here

photo by john granen

kitchen and bath ideas...

i am working on a fun cottage project and am focused on kitchen and bath ideas. this kitchen has amazing elements that are wonderful and functional... and little space ... no problem. i would love this kitchen wouldn't you?

image daryl carter

Thursday, March 18, 2010

vintage wicker

vintage wicker to me, is classic and timeless.

it reminds me of a fabulous trip to brimfield 14 years ago with really good friends.
i was living in boston at the time and we all piled into a car and went for the day.

it was pouring rain, and we ran from field to field laughing and not stopping until it was time to leave... we came to the most amazing set of wicker furniture... perfect for my friends home...

problem was, how do we fit a fabulous set of wicker into our car and drive home?
due to circumstances and the weather...we had to leave it behind... we kick ourselves all the time over this.. "the one that got away"...

have you ever had something like this happen??

the french vintage floral on this vintage wicker is amazing.

image john granen

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

breaks are the best

my sweet friend at beachbungalow8 said this to me today and it sums it all up... i am recharged, inspired and ready to hit the pavement again... hope this is finding you all in good spirits...

amazing photo john granen

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


my travels were so interesting... we met with the most incredible women.
all self made, beyond creative, and GENEROUS.

people can be great... but when they are talented, kind, and generous... that is greatness.

findings during the travel... are on their way... here is a peek...

fabulous photo by john granen

Monday, March 15, 2010

come and get it...

i have returned from another wonderful adventure and have so much to share with you...
many delightful treasures and experiences to be revealed..
the trucks are coming to the store ... come and be inspired... as i truly am.

photo by john granen

Thursday, March 4, 2010

at last...

i apologize for my absence this week...
you know how it is before you go on vacation...
it is stressful.
you go away...
you come back...
it is stressful.
but, always worth it.

tomorrow i will see the sun... and enjoy some much needed time off.

yippee! spring break (at my age? well ok!)

enjoy your weekend everyone...