Monday, January 14, 2013


most of you know i have a love affair with bmo...(brockstreet amazing pup)
this is my other love bug... libby...
simply one of the best dogs in the world... one who rules the roost as you can see...

had to share...

image from cathy


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Gorgeous Pam .... he looks such a softy and looks very settled in that comfy chair ! XXXX

Ivy Lane said...

so cute!

Vintage Home said...

so sweet! Love how comfortable he is in the chair!

PCovi said...

she is so cute!!!
and needs herself a larger chair :)

I Dream Of said...

Oh! Libby is so sweet, isn't she. Miss you friend. XOXO

koralee said...

No way...I love this is soooo adorable on that chair.
Just wanted to tell you that I hope to get down your way really daughter and I are planning a shopping trip. Happy dance. xoxo Hope you are very well my friend.

prince snow farm said...

Our dogs sure are our loves. I'm not sure what mine will do once I return to work...she has been my snuggle partner.

Splendid Market said...

What a love, deserves his on chintz chair, I am sure!!

24 Corners said...

So sweet...what a love, and she has great taste in chairs!
xo J~

pve design said...

libby needs a pve portrait in that chair.
sitting so pretty.

A Perfect Gray said...

my sweet gal, been thinking of YOU. are you well and just crazy busy? how is sis' house coming - or is it done? I know blogging can take so much TIME, but know you are missed so much. you have a precious and clear voice. we miss that and you.

maybe you are working on something really special....

just stopped in to say hello and I hope all is well.

your friend, donna


Ditto what Donna said. I just wanted to say hi and hope that all is well. Oh, and Libby is so SWEET! xo

Unknown said...

We miss you!! :) xoxo - liz

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Anonymous said...

My, Libby is so adorable! Seeing that photo wants me to grab Libby and give her a big hug full of love! The couch looks perfect with Libby on it. I bet that is her favorite thinking chair. I simply love the design of it. It’s kinda vintage and classy.

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