Friday, May 28, 2010


as we all enjoy our holiday weekend, let us remember why this weekend exists.
my wonderful father sent me a lovely email yesterday that truly creates awareness
to remember the veterans who have lost their lives for our freedom.
thank you to all of those in service and let us honor each and every one of them.

have a great weekend... xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

nap time..

the rain here in seattle is crazy.. we are so ready to wear flip flops and sun dresses..

i dream of taking a nap in the warm sunshine... and this is the PERFECT napping sofa... it will be at the store in very soon (i am chasing down the shipment now)
it is one of the very best pieces of wicker i have ever seen.
mint condition.
furniture maker is dryad (seal is on the back of the sofa)

In 1907 the firm of Dryad was founded in Leicester by Fletcher's close friend Harry Hardy Peach (18741936), with Fletcher as designer and Crampton one of the four workers. Dryad aimed at producing well-made, well-designed furniture that was light, comfortable and appropriate to modern living. Both Fletcher and Peach considered the rigid geometric shapes favoured by the Vienna Secession inappropriate to such a pliant material as cane. In the manner of certain German designs, Dryad pieces show a greater sensitivity to the material and reflect Arts and Crafts notions of honesty in materials. Furthermore, the originators of Dryad considered that harsh geometric forms did not ‘commend themselves to British notions of comfort or fit the homely reserve of English houses’. In Dryad furniture the comfort came mainly from the shaping of the basic form, which, when woven with the slightly springy cane, rendered virtually unnecessary the use of upholstery or cushions. In general, Fletcher's designs adapted the sense of movement found in Art Nouveau to the malleability of the cane, restricting the stylistic vocabulary of the Vienna Secession to detailing and an emphasis on the linear. Dryad was immensely successful, employing nearly 200 people by1914, by which date it was exporting its goods all over the world, including the British colonies and South America. It even broke into the massive American market, obtaining retail outlets in New York and Chicago.

i laid on it for about 20 minutes (without a cushion) and fell madly in love... i love the story behind it but when i find something that STOPS my heart... i buy it no matter what the story is.
can you imagine with a fluffy cushion and pillows?
it is 7 feet long... and very wide (not sure of this measurement but will have it shortly) it is pretty here but in person it is magnificent!

i have one week to decide if i am going to part with it... don't know if i can...

photo by john granen

amy perlin... loving tribute

amy will be so missed... she was truly amazing.
please see her loving tribute here..

Monday, May 24, 2010

i dig this.

i have never been into trends. i am old fashioned and truly a purist.
wallpaper seems to be everywhere at the moment...i find i am a bit tired of it...
i do love old weathered paper (ie john derian's home)

however, this wallpaper has me in a tailspin. i do not remember where i found this image (my sincere apologies) and please let me know if you do so i may credit.

this just screams summertime... beachside cottage...

and if anyone knows where i can find this wallpaper, i would be grateful.
i might find a place for it somewhere... someday...

image unknown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ticking outpost

while in nantucket years ago, our friend had a tiny little shop near the sconset beach club and pool. i honestly thought is was one of the most charming places i had ever seen.

she has a gorgeous store in town but this "little outpost" became a happy little treasure trove where you could find a great swimming suit, sandals, a fabulous straw bag, fun hat and other goodies.

years later... i think of this place often and always ponder the idea of a red ticking outpost... who knows where it could turn up ...or what would the product + food assortment consist of?

this building would be a fun shell where i would place it. i have no idea where it is... so if anyone knows, please advise... can you imagine ordering up something fun at those windows and eating at a picnic table eating in the sunshine??

image unknown

heavenly marathon

i woke up, (back not doing well i tweaked it yesterday) so i knew it would be a low key day.
hit ch 35 (food network) and to my sweet surprise... it is a barefoot contessa marathon day!
(God is so good).

of course ina always inspires me to get out and hit the farmers markets, buy poultry, filets, bake cakes and make chicken salad but i need to stay tucked in and heal... so, i was able to find all of the ingredients to make one of my favorite things in the world... as my friend calls them..
"the evil sticky buns" ...
if you have not tried these... you MUST. you will lose you mind.

happy sunday... xx

photo... my pal at brockstreet

Friday, May 21, 2010


heather at habitually chic posted this fabulous home the other day and i cannot stop thinking about this lovely photo... as i garden this weekend i will dream of diving into the pool after tending the roses... have a wonderful weekend everyone! xx

photo douglas friedman

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i have always loved the simple delicious taste of grapefruit.
growing up, my grams would cut them for us so we could easily eat them and that thought
of sitting with her in her kitchen in the mornings is so delightful.

my mother purchased them often and we ate them at breakfast..also a wonderful memory.

over the years i would eat them occasionally and always enjoyed them...

now, i am obsessed with eating the fruit or drinking fresh squeezed juice..
i need them in my home everyday.

so my question is, why now? why the addiction? am i crazy?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


please don't mind me if i jump up here for a moment..

i would like to tell you a story of a sweet man named john who i visited with while back east.

he has run a family owned craft, fabric and mail station for 20 years.
a simple man but hoenst and so hard working (60+ hours a week).

he is intelligent, kind, and runs a great business... until this happened...

2 years ago, walmart decided to rule his world and built 3 stores within a 8 MILE radius.
john was so hurt, frustrated and distressed but yet, kept plugging along.

now 2 years later, creditors are calling, and he has to close.

and to put salt into the wound, his landlord cant wait to get rid of him because he wants his space back.
another guy called him about buying john's 20 year built business for $10,000.
what a slap in the face. is that all he is worth after pouring his heart and soul into it?

he and his wife are so depressed and anxious and what they thought would be their
"golden years" are now going to be spent paying off debt and trying to find their way starting over. i am not sure how old they are but i was assume late 60's. can you imagine?

so when i make small remarks about the "big guys" it is only because...
us "little guys" are peddling as fast as we can and will never have the resources or the $$$$$ they do. we cannot keep up, nor do we expect or want to.

i realize, many of us are in the row boats and if we continue to support one another we will all survive. so i want to thank all of you who support my small business.
it means the world to me.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RH and PB ... can't touch this...

i loved all of the comments you left on my earlier post so i wanted to show you what will be posted on tomorrow morning... the real deal... is truly priceless.

photo by john granen

grainsacks over? oh no...

customers come into my store and buy the vintage european grainsacks we have for sale nearly everyday.

some know what they are, others ask what they are...
and then there are those who say...
"aren't these over"?

whenever someone asks that question about anything i just tell them "buy what you love".
i seem to say it over and over but if you like something... who cares?
live with what you love..

and this bed? to die for...
i would like to say, it aint over till its over.
and these have been around for centuries... they are not going anywhere. ever.

Monday, May 17, 2010


for those of you who have not been to brimfield, it can be very overwhelming.
the show is a full 5 days and goes on for miles and miles...
it is quite inspiring but completely exhausting.
each day of the show, a new "field" opens...and with this comes a stampede.
one morning very early, we waited and waited in line to get into one of the fields.
we all looked at one another in line as some (grown adults) would do anything to get closer to the gate opening in 2 hours...
"what the heck is inside the gate that is so valuable?
we all decided... it was THE GOLDEN TICKET. (we had to laugh or we would have lost it)

inside the gate are hundreds of dealers...
and thousands of others running around falling over one another... trying to get their "golden tickets"...

well... this was ours...

1805 wine tasting table... the incredible dealer it was purchased from had not seen one this good in 20 years... and he specializes in finding them.

perfect in a wine cellar with a pair of leather club chairs... worth every bit of the craziness.

lovely images john granen

Sunday, May 16, 2010

fabulous finds..

we had an exceptional week buying and loads of goodies on their way... here are just a few tidbits to ponder until the truck arrives... hope everyone had a wonderful week + weekend... xx

great images by john granen

Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy mother's day...

i feel like the luckiest girl in the world...
i have such an amazing mother.
she is beautiful inside and out.
she has shown me so much love and support always...
i love her dearly... and although i cannot be with her today,
i want her to know that i am there in spirit.
God bless you mommie.... xoxo

i also want to wish all of my dear friends a wonderful mother's day... xx

off to brimfield!

unloaded the truck today and off to brimfield tomorrow! whew...
will try to give updates as i go...
just give me fish and chips,
homemade breakfast sandwiches in the silver trailer
and a hot turkey sandwich...
ok, and throw in a few antiques and i will be happy! he he

the store will be open while i am away.. chock full of goodies..

happy weekend everyone.. xx

Friday, May 7, 2010

just a peek...

tomorrow is the big day
here is just a little peek at one of the pieces of treasure coming in...
we will be open 10-5 ...
going to sleep now... christmas comes in the morning!
hope to see many of you...
and to all of my others friends..
have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

making room at red ticking..

we are receiving a huge shipment at the store on saturday... and i am definitely needing to make some room for all the new merchandise...
so stop by tomorrow after 2:30...
it will be "let's make a deal" on most items...
this never happens...
so take advantage of it!
we will be there until 6:30.

day dreaming...

of this...
summer cannot come soon enough!
happy thursday... xx

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rounding out the troops

these two have been a large part of red ticking...
they are the "big brothers" of the twins... (below)
grady and quinn have had sword fights with candy sticks, played hide and seek, shell hunts, and hot cocoa at the store... i love the visits... and their sweet mommie devin and daddy craig (not shown) are amazing parents..

and sweet carole... my side kick at red ticking is their sweet grandmother ... what an amazing family... i love them all.

more smiles...

this is sweet kellen... addy's twin... beyond words.

tummy love..

this is addy. she is so precious and sassy as ever...
just add to share...
thought everyone could use a smile..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

definite possibility...

ok, this one looks pretty good as well... this pale gray is intoxicating...


i slept on it... maybe add a touch of grey.. this is perfection.

image unknown

Monday, May 3, 2010


i am in "full on" paint mode.. 4 clients
painting... children's rooms, floors, kitchens, workrooms... and it is amazing how it can really transform a space..

i am a "white" girl myself... but i could be talked into this pale lavender very easily..

these are so lovely i had to share...

image house beautiful

Saturday, May 1, 2010

buy local

since i was a little girl i have loved strawberries.
my dear grams always had them in her house and made wonderful things with them... they were her favorite so they became my favorite... and every time i eat one, i always think of her.

my boyfriend and i were driving up hwy 101 and happened upon one of our favorite farm stands and i picked up some amazing produce. ( i know, leaving on a plane the next day what in the world am i doing shopping in california when i live in seattle?) well that is what i do.

i came upon the bundles of joy... all nestled tightly in their little baskets... "local strawberries".
i had to buy them... i could have purchased the whole flat... but instead, i carried one basket and a bunch of other things (that i knew i could get on the place skins intact) to the check out and to this day, i have never had better strawberries...

it takes so little to make me happy...
i am learning as i grow older...
enjoy every moment.
happy sunday xx

happy may day!

i love may day... it is a day of hope and happiness.
i have a dear friend who puts a may basket at my door every year...
i treasure it...
i need to go leave her one today...
it is a simple but wonderful gift...
enjoy your day... xx

image kiley cruse