Thursday, January 28, 2010

thank you apartment therapy!

what a welcome surprise to get a lovely visit from a brilliant writer at apartment therapy... i feel very humbled that they have featured red ticking on their fabulous blog... you can see it here... thank you anne... you are amazing x pam

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dining chairs

i am on the hunt for dining chairs... 5 different sets for 5 different clients and i am literally amazed at how difficult it is to locate really special ones. i have spent hours on the hunt...

island home... casual, need 10-12.
elegant dining... need 8-10.
charming craftman... need 6-8
island beach house... casual yet timeless.. need 10-12
modern waterfront.. casual need 8-10

cool, classic, comfortable and not $$$$$. wow....
any ideas?

i did find these... which are amazing... thanks to my friends at verellen.

image verellen

Monday, January 25, 2010

love neutrals....

at red ticking we are full of life and lots of color ... but when i come home, i like things quiet.
i never tire of white, natural, gray... is this room perfect or what?

image vogue living australia

Sunday, January 24, 2010

no rhyme or reason...

just thought i would share a new treasure with you all... and yes, there are a pair.
hope you all had a wonderful weekend! thank you for all of the lovely comments...
i love hearing from you...

Friday, January 22, 2010

country house

i dream of having a country house... ok, a country house by the water...
over the years i have pulled apart so many magazines and filled my dream folder... and this will be added... have a great weekend everyone... dream your dreams and make them happen!

photo living etc.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

seabold vintage market

seabold vintage market was founded by my dear friend liz. she knows how to make things happen... she puts together this fabulous old fashioned flea market 4 times a year on the lovely island of bainbridge.

she also has a thriving business called....

"bainbridge blues" which is compiled of wonderful custom fabrics that she designs and sells nationwide.

to top it all off, her new blog called "studio cloth" an incredible idea... puts the look all together..

she orchestrates all of this... she is a fabulous wife, mother and i know first hand... a great friend. she has an amazing heart and i hope you will visit her blogs to learn so much more about her and her amazing efforts. if you are in seattle or the area... do not miss her flea market. who doesn't want a day trip to that darling island? i always feel like i am on vacation when i visit... (dates and more info on her blog) and liz... we need the homemade pulled pork sandwiches!!! yummie xo

photos courtesy of seabold vintage market

Sunday, January 17, 2010


there are people you meet in your life who you just "click" with. while in los angeles on a girls trip, my sister karen and i were on the hunt for vintage treasures and food. we lovvvve really good food.
one day we stumbled into what we like to call "heaven on earth". joan's on third.
joan's amazing gourmet foodie shop, bakery, cheese counter, sandwich making, salads galore and don't even get me started with the breakfast sandwich and pancakes... are beyond words.
upon entering her amazing establishment, you immediately feel calm yet elated by what you see and smell. she hits every note to perfection. after we ate at the darling communal table she came to visit with us and that was that. joan has become one of our dearest friends. she has such passion, creativity, kindness, joy, and heart of pure gold.

p.s. our bags were so heavy leaving ... we had to buy the best sea salt, hot cocoa, mustard, candies, pickles, jams etc... you will never believe her selection of treats...

my wonderful sister karen and joan's on third.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i gather inspiration from everything.
our trip to the ocean was terrific to inspire me to get back to work in my garden. the ocean gardens (even though wintery) looked so well manicured and pristine that it has made me want to work harder on mine... so even though temps are low... i am out there tending to it to make it wonderful... because i know spring is right around the corner... i can see the garden preparing... and that makes me happy...

photograph by john granen

Sunday, January 10, 2010

singles anyone?

i think i have lost my mind... i have a general rule that i only buy in pairs... UNLESS i fall in love with something... and i have done alot of that lately...
rules are made to be broken.

most of the photos are by john granen

Thursday, January 7, 2010


friendship is so important to me. and i am so blessed to have some WONDERFUL friends... people you can truly be yourself with... eat, laugh, play, cry, walk, sit, design, shop with. and there are some friends who you feel so connected with that they are almost a part of you. well my friend michael over at brockstreet is one in a million. his heart is pure gold, his talent beyond measure ... you will see when you go to his amazing blog... he will capture your heart.

photograph brockstreet


as the new year unfolds... so is red ticking.. fresh new merchandise coming in all the time and this one is a charmer... absolutely.

you can find this on next wednesday jan 13th. or stop into red ticking... it is in the store now.

photograph by john granen

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

let there be light...

one of the things i sell most in january is lighting... holidays are over, winter really sets in, and people want to feel cozy in their homes..... here are a few beauties to take the chill off..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year reflection...

spent a wonderful christmas at home in colorado with my family and friends... so fortunate to have experienced a beautiful snowfall while i was there... but more important... lots of love and visits with amazing people whom i care dearly for...

the new year was spent with wonderful friends in tremendous rainstorms at the cozy and fun.
we rang in the new year (have not been able to stay up in years!) but this holiday was different somehow... the new year will be an exciting one in many ways... as it unfolds each day with new hope and amazing optimism...

i wish everyone many special blessings in 2010...

the photo shows the ocean on one of the few clear days... the roar of the waves was intoxicating...

another brilliant photograph by john granen.