Sunday, April 15, 2012

a little help from my friends..

i am puzzled.. i seriously cannot believe how difficult it is to find a dining table for my sister. 
i love the old, the battered.. (as below) she is wanting to find a wonderful modern yet classic table.
we have looked high and low... we know it exists... 

any help from you my friends.. 
would be extremely welcome. 

photo courtesy of the style files


I Dream Of said...

Oh, good luck! You know I'm still waiting for the perfect breakfast nook table, and night stands, and bench for the foot of my bed. Some day! (Love my dinging room table, though and all my Ticking treasures!) XO

Splendid Market said...

best of luck. For our cabin we went to a fellow in Vancouver who built furniture out of pieces of old barns he'd collected. He did lovely wax and painted, distressed finishes. I'll see if I can find the contact info.

red ticking said...

j - you do have one of the best... well loved..

em... my sis wants new... no barn wood...

24 Corners said...

In the same boat here...why is it so hard to find the perfect table?
Best of luck!!!
xo J~