Wednesday, June 16, 2010

date night..

i asked a random question to a great group of friends... it was a question posed to me the other day by another friend...

"where do you go on date night?
what are some of your favorite restaurants?"

i gave her my scoop and she was thrilled to have a new fun experience to try.
i thought it over the last couple of days and decided to take it further with more friends...

the response was overwhelmingly fun... so many great suggestions ... it was a hoot...

i was in a pinch because my boyfriend and i have a standing wednesday night date. tonight was my night to figure it out so i asked my friends for a few suggestions.

we both look forward to it and try to change things up but we do fall into a pattern... we love what we love...

but tonight we tried a restaurant we have not been to in ages.

we had a delightful meal and amazing service.
if you are planning on a visit to seattle, book ahead of time and ask for a window seat.
the charming atmosphere and watching ferry boats come and go is one of my favorite things...watching the sunset with my man... life doesn't get much better than this...

thanks jeannie... you win!
(and all of the other wonderful suggestions are in the hopper for weeks to come!)

what is your favorite date night?


Seersucker Scrapper said...

I just love date night!

Enjoy all of your new suggestions!

Holly said...

I miss Matt's!!Also loved Place Pigalle for lunch & Cafe Campagne for breakfast. Charlotte is light years behind as far as restaurants go, but Johnson & Wales should soon fix that Until then my palette is living vicariously through yours...

24 Corners said...

I've never been to Matt's but have always wanted to go! My all time fave is Le's one though that I go back to over and over because I love it so much...probably why I haven't been to Matt's! ;)

sealaura said...

date night in the middle of the week, sounds like a great idea. a little happy boost midweek would help me get to friday.

Unknown said...

On Bainbridge Island - my all time favorite is Four Swallows - it is amazing!!!

In Seattle - when I lived near the market . . . I always loved Il Bistro and also Maximiliens (great for a Sunday breakfast - or the upstairs area is cozy in the evenings - great sunset views as well!!)

Nikki said...

I have never been there. We've started doing dinners out but it has to be a place we've never been. Perfect, thank you!

Normally we go for Pho' and a movie.

Anonymous said...

I think I am the only person in Seattle who hasn't been to Matt's in the Market -- it's embarrassing!!

Must do!

I also love Cafe Campagne, your neighbor, Harvest Vine (my husband and I love sitting at the bar, and I am hoping to try LUC soon!

Thank you for the reminder.

Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds like a fun place! Most definitely for me, it's our favorite little cheesecake place... it's quaint and cozy, with live Jazz and amazing desserts :)


Hood Canal Gal said...

Thanks for the tip! Me and the Mr. will have to try Matt's next time we go out.

Next date night make your way to The Boat Street Cafe'. You'll love it!

M said...

Pam, that place is wonderful -- good for you! My favs for romantic atmosphere in Seattle (which may be some of your favs as well!):
* Il Bistro (in the Market)
* Maximilien (dito)
* Pink Door (dito)
* Assaggio (downtown, 4th and Lenora or thereabouts)
* Daniel's (in Leschi) -> what a beautiful room!

Loved this post.
Have a good weekend,

sewfarandaway said...

Hi Pam, funny I found your blog while sitting here reading a nashville blog and moving on to others...miss you!
chris and i used to have dates night like that, not always romantic locations but always good food!

We enjoyed eating the chefs bar at Steelhead Diner, great eats & sunsets.
Same goes for Harvest Vine, bar!
Shukker's at Fairmont; special!
Agua Verde; margaritas and waterside.
Monsoon or... Baguette Box and take it to the park or downtown...
homesick for all that good food!