Saturday, June 19, 2010

the perfect office

i am working on a fun design project and one room of focus is my client's office.
this is truly the inspiration i need... wow. (only addition would be a cozy rug)
can you imagine?

image francois halard


Splenderosa said...

This is lovely lovely lovely, can you imagine my stacks & bins of plastic containing all my semi-precious beads for the jewelry...this is the executive office!! xx's

Kellie Collis said...

Ah so beautiful! Have a gorgeous weekend! x

Karena said...

Gorgeous office and by the way, Marsha, I am just dying to have a piece of your fabulous jewelry!

Art by Karena

Shannon Fricke said...

that's my kind of office. gorgeous!

The Little Red Shop said...

How lovely!

: )

Julie M.

Francine Gardner said...

I coud see myself there do they keep the desk so uncluterred?

Fabulously French said...

Very inspirational, think a cosy rug would be the perfect finishing touch :-)

Hope the sun is shining there, here it is grey and dull today in SW France.

Leeann x

style chronicle said...

agreed! perfection!!

Jo said...

I could spend hours and hours in such a lovely office!


Little Emma English Home said...

Really the perfect office!!!! I could work for hours in a room like that!! Thanks for passing by and leaving a lovely comment xx

Jeanne Henriques said...

A rug and I am thinking that a lovely deep chair next to the fireplace would be perfect for a break from it all...I am imagining the most spectacular view. I don't think I would ever leave that room!! Love the photo on your recent much fun!!