Saturday, June 12, 2010

nite nite

as i may have mentioned a time or two... i love my bed. i do not know anyone who doesn't.
i love it more than ever now that i have the best sheets in the world.
this is not a sales pitch, this is the truth. matteo bedding is addictive... ask anyone who has it.
and now, i am collecting it as i do chairs, textiles, mirrors, paintings and cafe au lait bols.

take a look for your yourself... i have a complete selection of the collection exclusively in seattle at red ticking.
custom orders are available to create your perfect environment.

i would love for everyone to experience it as i have. with that, i am offering 20% off all matteo for the next month. come in and get "addicted".

tablecloths and napkins also available... perfect for summertime entertaining.

all images matteo


vosgesparis said...

It seems like a great brand, come and join my Give away for US and Canadian readers of my blog ;)
Have a great Sunday
x desiree

Francine Gardner said...

I love Matteo linens an have used them in many for the bolster...I own 2 of them but am at a loss at what to do with them as they are so heavy and bulky!! The sheets are so crips and feel so fresh in the summer. My secret...if you have a garden...wash your sheets with Cadrea lavender scented product and hang the sheets on a sunny day outside...heaven

red ticking said...

francine... i use the bolster as a reading pillow but the true heavenly use is elevate my tired legs at night... put them under your knees... amazing.

i use caldrea products (addicted) and will hang outside...

i love the countertop spray as well... so yummy.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

They all look beautiful, Pam. I don't know if we can get it here in the UK. I think that a bit of research is called for !! XXXX

Kelley said...

Matteo bedding is my favorite too!


Haven and Home said...

There is nothing like a good bed. I love mine too and it is because of the sheets!

christina @ greige said...

I love their pieces. I just put a new duvet and shams from them on my bed.. But I need the sheets!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! There's nothing better than climbing into your own beautifully made bed at the end of a long day . . . well, except maybe sleeping in the next morning and being served breakfast in bed! :) xo Gigi

Unknown said...

I love Matteo bedding . . . years ago when I had a shop I carried a bit of it an absolutely fell in love!!! They are still my favorites!! Love the images!1 My heart is set on those pure white ones I saw in your shop - heavenly!! xo - liz

Vintage Home said... I have to admit as I read your blog and rested my eyes over your pictures I felt a bit sleepy! nice to crawl into our beds!...Thanks!