Tuesday, March 31, 2009


there is something so soothing about the color lavendar... whether it be a flower, candy, frosting, fabric or paint color... to me... simply...cheerful elegance.


coast said...

I love lavender too! It is such a soothing color. Can't wait for my lilacs to bloom! Are you at Round Top?

Lee said...

This is a beautiful colour - being in a room painted this colour would be like being in the midst of Spring all the time!

Blue Muse said...

I agree! Such dreamy spaces.
xo Isa

Millie said...

Love this post! It's a colour I don't often think about, but now you've got my mind ticking (no pun intended!) over.
Millie ^_^

The Antiques Diva™ said...

You know I would have never in a million years chosen to do a main room in lavendar, reserving it more for the bedroom or bath, but this is so wonderfully soothing and dreamy that I've changed my stance on this color. Here it almost works as a neutral! Beautiful post.