Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i think i found the perfect cake...

my sister karen's birthday is march 2. i will be flying to colorado to spend the weekend with her to celebrate and also hammer out the last details before they break ground on her house next week hurray...

so... the task at hand is this... i am searching for the perfect birthday cake to make. gluten/dairy free. 
wow... i have never made one before ... and this will be interesting.

for health reasons, karen and i are taking a 28-day gluten/dairy free challenge.

i will be the first to admit, i thought all of "those" people overs the years going gluten free were NOT what i ever wanted to be...

the thought of having to read the ingredients on everything, making endless concessions,
shopping in all the hippie places to find REAL FOOD... ok, i said it ...
i have been judgemental and i formally apologize.

so being tested on all levels for food allergies i am so aware of how wrong i have been eating for years.
it would take me all day to write about it but i will keep this brief.

for any of you out there who suffer from anything ...
look at what you put into your mouth first. it will change your life.

will i ever eat another oreo again? very doubtful.
if anyone would have asked me that 1 year ago i would have said yes.

will i eat my favorite brioche bread again? maybe. will i eat it regularly? never...

your awareness is so heightened. you only want to fuel your body with things that are good for it.
precious thought goes into shopping, preparing and eating but not alot of time - some of my meals that 5-10 minutes to prepare.

simple things that i took for granted before are now a treat to eat.

i found this amazing blog today and wanted to share with you... and would love to hear from
you on this... being new to this... it is a big change... but a change for the better!

here is the amazing cake i will be making this weekend... thanks to gluten goddess (click for recipe)


Jeanne Henriques said...

Hi Pam

Firstly, I want to thank you for your lovely comment today, it was so very much appreciated. :)

Secondly...Oreo's? My husband bought three packages, popped them in the cupboard and then went on a business trip. Need I say more?

Gluten free...this is for me, I have been told this by nutritionists time and time again. Your post today is prompting me to take this seriously. At this stage in my life, I need, I thank you for that. I am now off to read this fab blog you mentioned and I just want to say one more time, thank you!! for your lovely, lovely words.

Best wishes to your sister for a delicious birthday!

Jeanne xx

Jeanne Henriques said...
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Gigi Thibodeau said...

Great post, Pam! I have not gone totally gluten free, but I've greatly reduced it, and am trying to stick to whole grains when I do give in to the temptation.

Luckily, my favorite chocolate cake recipe--the one I've made for fifteen years--is totally gluten free.

You are so, so right about being conscious of the food we put in our mouths. The better my diet is the better I feel. It's that simple.

xo Gigi

Jalon Burton said...

YUMMMMM - Happy Birthday to your sis too. Thanks so much for sharing the interesting recipe - got to get to work on it and try it for myself! Have a terrific day!

Unknown said...

Pam . . .

As you know - I went gluten free several years back . . . not because of any food fad or because I thought it would be good for me - but because of my many health issues that I will not go into here :)

I will only say one thing . . . I don't think I will ever go back to eating gluten - as I feel that I truly got my life back. Seriously!!!

I am so glad you are sharing your story my friend . . . and that cake - oh my gosh - it looks amazing!!

Yes - you can be gluten free and also enjoy all the pleasures of eating . . . it just takes time to figure it all out.

For me - it was worth it!! Wishing you all the best on this journey!!
xoxo - liz

Vintage Home said...

We have a dairy intolerant a possible gluten intolerant & I have Crohns disease....I am so glad of this web site she has the best stuff!
Yes we cheat...but less & less!

The enchanted home said...

Yummy......happy birthday to your sister. That slice of cake looks sooo good and would be the perfect companion to my cup of coffee!

pve design said...

If you do not know Janet over at the Gardener's cottage, you should. She has some amazing outlooks on food and nutrition. INspiring to think about how we fuel our bodies.

the gardener's cottage said...

well hello pam! patricia is so kind but you already know that.

i'm honored to have you drop by. everything you said in this post is so true. i'm a vegan for animal rights first and health second. whatever brings us to a more peaceful way to eat is awesome in my opinion. good luck on your new life!


Made in heaven said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Yumm, the cake looks sooo good! Have a great weekend:)

24 Corners said...

Good for you and Karen!!! My aunt has been eating gluten free for several years now, and just this weekend she made a gluten free chicken cacciatore for us that was absolutely delicious, I don't think you're going to feel deprived at all, and it sounds like you have the perfect attitude for such a change.
Best to both of you, and Happy Birthday to Karen, have a lovely time together!
xo J~

the gardener's cottage said...

oh i forgot to tell you that i'm now following you too!

koralee said...

Off to visit...hugs to you dear one.

Unknown said...

My dear, I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I am really delighted with yours. It's beautiful, well structured, interesting, sweet amazing [probably your own qualities right?] and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased. I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often kisses

Miriam Stella

is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

angela said...

Glutino makes a great gluten free oreo! I have been gluten/dairy free for 2 yrs. best thing I have ever done. Stick with it! You will feel so good. It takes a while, but soon you won't even miss it. There are lots of great brands out there. Good Luck!

*Chic Provence* said...

Dear Pam..I've been gluten free since last June and what a difference it makes! I do not feel deprived; there are so many great things to eat sans gluten... I will try this recipe (maybe!:) it looks wonderfully delicious!

Look out for the Blackbird Bakery cook book..a must if you commit permanently!

Hope all continues to go well my friend!