Friday, September 30, 2011


my favorite tree is the aspen.
we grew up with them surrounding us and i love everything about them... leaves, color, sound they make in the wind and their trunks... when we were in aspen it was interesting to see the graphics carved into the trees... it does not seem to hurt them... just make them more special...

have a wonderful weekend... xx

image red ticking


Hamptontoes said...

I have such a love for Aspen. As for the trees, they are quite magical too. Are you a skier or a snowboarder? Or both?

I Dream Of said...

I love the sound of Aspen trees whispering to each other in the breeze... I wonder what secrets they are sharing? Gorgeous photo.

Have a lovely weekend, friend! Happy October. XO

Anonymous said...

they are beautiful, pale white bark almost like silver birch tree over here.

Splendid Market said...

lovely, they are so beautiful. When training in Colorado last year, they were my favorite sight. We went on a trail from the Home ranch, where there were carvings of an erotic nature, oh my!

Blue Muse said...

I love aspens - there is something really magical about them! Just beautiful.
Have a wonderful weekend.
xo isa

koralee said...

I am so with you on this one...tied with the MAPLE! Happy week to you sweet one. xox

helen tilston said...

The aspen is a beautiful tree
Just today I spotted a gingko in the park, it is a favourite also
I love your blog and am our recent follower, look forward to your visiting me
Helen Tilston Painter