Wednesday, August 26, 2009

buried treasure

to me, the beach is like a large treasure chest where little gems are awaiting a glance, and then are scooped up and then carried off to their new home... oh the lovelies make me so suitcase was nearly 52lb due the all of the treasure...(ok, not all of that shells) and lucky for me, the guy looked the other way and didn't penalize me... what a lucky day!


FrenchBlue said...

Lucky you is right! Especially because I'm sure your suitcase is a treasure chest for sure. I agree, such gems are on that beach. I am a sucker for even seaweed & dried, hollowed crab & lobster bodies~ I have an old cement ladies head with a seaweed wig on her right now...I love Le Mar~

Kalee said...

How lovely!

Anonymous said...

oh nice... the treasures... on the beach.. look like gems & Pearls.. how lovely!