Friday, July 31, 2009

where should i go??

i have always wanted to visit the dominican republic.
can someone kindly offer words of wisdom as to where to stay?
what is the coolest part of the island?
i offer a GOLDEN ticket for the best information.
i greatly appreciate all comments...
i wish i were there now!
have a great weekend...


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh how I wish I could input; sadly enough I have kids in college which equates to zero travel; unless it's to a University campus of course! Sounds heavenly!

xx deb

annechovie said...

Unfortunately, I know nothing about the DR either, but that picture looks so tempting!

Millie said...

Looks fab, but I reckon it would take at least 15 connecting flights & 4 days to get there from here in Australia! Have heard lots of good things about it though, good old Trip Advisor may be helpful.
Millie ^_^

Julie at Belle Vivir said...


If you are looking for a chic environment the best place to go to is Punta Cana where everything is just top of the line. World wide recognized socialites such as Oscar de la Renta, Julio Iglesias, Interior designer Bunny Williams and others have vacation houses there. Depending on your budget I would recommend 100% Tortuga Bay (A boutique hotel where we spent our honey moon) It was decorated by Oscar De La Renta. The service is simply the best in the country. Of course if you are not willing to pay 600 a night there are others Hotel in the area also as good. If you are looking for a more intimate experience between you and your significant other I suggest Casa Colonial in Puerto Plata. It's a Boutique Hotel located in the north side of the island. It's world-class seaside resort with a private beach. I fell in love with its gorgeous tropical chic colonial style. The food is one of the best I've had in DR. For a more bohemian vacation go to Cabarete, about 1/2 from Puerto Plata, famous for its great surfing waters.

I hope this helped,

Thank you for your comments in my blog.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

No help here, except beautiful image.