Saturday, April 4, 2009

girl's night

i have a wonderful group of friends here in seattle. funny, fashionable and did i mention brilliant? each has their own vibe and i just love that about them... 
last night we dined at  "la cote"... right here in madison valley near red ticking. laurent is the owner and served up some of his wonderful dishes...the winners were: la verte salad... simple, clean and delicious. the cheese plate was devoured...and don't forget to ask for extra homemade apricot chutney...(he needs to sell this) TARTINES are back by popular demand and for dessert... the les crepe sucrees.... L" americaine... peanut butter and chocolate sauce...and to wash that one down... L citronne... lemon and sugar. a delightful evening... as always! 


Blue Muse said...

Looks fun and delicious! I love girl's nights! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xo Isa

I Dream Of said...

Thanks for organizing us, Pam! LOVED the cheese-- and I know that some day Laurent will give up the vinaigrette recipe! Where are we going next???