Sunday, February 8, 2009

laundry night

i love laundry night. call me crazy, but i find it relaxing.
i collect all of the bundles into a large french basket 
and putter while it all washes clean..
the smell of freshly laundered sheets, towels... aahhh. 
a big pile of european grainsacks are ready to go in next!


Decorno said...

The best part of laundry night is going to bed on super clean sheets and a fluffed-up bed. Pure heaven. My other dirty secret is that I love to iron napkins. So relaxing and it's possibly the most civilized thing I do (and that's not saying much...) :)

Scot Meacham Wood said...

you do laundry.

decorno irons napkin.

I polish silver.


Anonymous said...

Doing the laundry is so underrated! I find it completely relaxing, rewarding and calming..hmm i wonder what that says...