Thursday, August 25, 2011

well worth it.

the next time i stress about travel, i will recall the amazing memories and laugh.

look forward to catching up with all of you... xx
image red ticking


24 Corners said...

Welcome home Pam!!! So glad you had a wonderful was well deserved and I know, much needed.
I love that you've discovered the secret to traveling stress-less... I'm leaving for Cal. on Monday so I'm going to give it a whirl and hit the happy memory banks (cuz I'm stressing)!
The shot of the ocean looks like the sunrise and sunset all rolled into one glorious moment....beautiful!
xoxo J~

koralee said...

Oh my glad you are home..I have missed you. Looks like it was amazing. Extra Hugs today for getting back into the routine. xoxo

Paul S said...

Welcome back, I'm glad you had a wonderful time and thanks for that beautiful picture:)

Jacqueline said...

I was just thinking of you this afternoon Pam and wondering when you would post again you are !
Welcome home. We've missed you. XXXX

Angel.Pearls said...

Pretty blog - Wish you a nice weekend

Ivy Lane said...

I think my blood pressure just dropped when I saw the lovely picture here! Glad you had a wonderful stress-free time!

Happy Weekend!

bainbridge blues said...

Lovely photo . . . love all the soft beautiful colors - sooo very peaceful!! love to you!! xoxo - liz